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Bison Welded VS Plate and Diamond Weave

Bisons welded screens were tested against perforated plate and diamond weave.

The split deck, inclined shaker was run backwards/uphill amplification. .375″ thick plate was on the top deck with 1.5″ square, tapered openings and .5″ margins/bars. It was totally plugged, as can be seen in Photos 1 and 2. The aggregate was granite.

The plate was removed from the last 2 positions. Welded with .375″ diameter wire was put on the right side and diamond weave with .25″ diameter wire was put on the left.

Both the welded and the diamond weave eliminated the plugging, as can been seen in Photos 3 and 4.

The welded is estimated to be about half the price of the diamond weave and should last at least 3 times longer.

The customer replaced the plate with welded.


  • Welded eliminated the plugging problem with the plate.
  • Welded worked as well as the diamond weave.
  • Welded costs much less than the diamond weave and lasts longer.